Business Communication Level-4

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Business Communication Level-4

Syllabus overview

One of the features of business economy in most developed countries in the world, since the Second World War, has been the increase in size of business units. This process has tended to accelerate in recent years, with the mergers and take-overs that have taken place in order to produce economies of scale and ability to compete on an international level. In consequence, managers and subordinates have to spend an increasing proportion of their working time on communication and skills, therefore this course has been designed to meet their needs

Course Duration

80 credit hours-14 Days


Module 1 Aspects of business communications
Module 2 Obstacles to communication
Module 3 Buying and selling
Module 4 Style, references and testimonials
Module 5 Records
Module 6 Reports
Module 7 Reviews and reports
Module 8 Essay writing
Module 9 Oral communications in business
Module 10 Planning and conducting employee selection interviews