Autism Awareness

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Autism Awareness

Syllabus overview

The Autism Awareness course aims to develop understanding of the diverse condition of autism and gives practical suggestions when working with autistic individuals. Autism refers to a whole range of social, language and communication problems whose severity ranges from mild and often undiagnosed to severe, where it is almost impossible for people to successfully engage in society.

The aim of this course is to provide a better awareness of the term “autism” and “autistic spectrum disorder” (ASD) and how to support individuals with autism

Course Duration

15 Days – 100 Credit hours


Module 1 Outline of Learning Disabilities
Module 2 The definition of Autism
Module 3 Causes of Autism
Module 4 Explaining Autistic Behavior
Module 5 Communication and Language
Module 6 Approaches to Autism
Module 7 Practical suggestions when working with Autism
Module 8 Ethical, Legal and Organizational Issues