Why Study at Sips

Quality Education

We are offering International Education in your home country, with career prospects to study further in some of the best Universities around the world. We promise not to compromise on the quality of tuition and services we provide.

Career Development Strategy

We offer career advice to our learners, focusing on an individual’s circumstances.

Inclusive Teaching Methods

SIPS has foreign academic teachers to provide you effective learning. Our assorted group of learners is taught by a variety of methods such as lectures, seminars, case studies, practical tasks, assignments, projects and visits to industries to keep learners sufficiently motivated.

Small Groups of Learners

To ensure participation and focused learning we tend to keep the number of students limited per session. This creates an attentive atmosphere and leads to real learning.

Functional Skills

We always embed well-organised lectures to equip our learners with the right terminology, English language, IT and numeracy skills required for their respective programmes.

Additional Learning Support

We are here for our students whenever they need additional support, especially to those who may find themselves left behind or are facing academic challenges.

Professional Academic Environment

At SIPS, you would find our staff as friendly and supportive personalities that create an academic environment with culture of respect and ingenuousness. This culture encourages students to open up to discussions on both personal and academic related issues.