Business Communication Skill Course

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Business Communication (byte size skill course)

Syllabus overview

Communication is essential in all business. It is important at all levels and in all areas of organizations whatever they do and where ever they are. Communication is a complex subject and communication skill is an enabling factor that allows performing the work of the organization. It is essential for business success and as an individual; you need to be an effective communicator for your future career.
This course will include the communication models, the effects and barriers to the communication process as well as how organizational structure affects the flow of information required for co-ordination and decision-making.

Course Duration

4 Days, 20 GLH


Module 01: Communication: Some Theories and Models
Module 02: Introduction
Module 03: What is communication?
Module 04: Purposes of organizational communication
Module 05: Communication and leadership
Module 06: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Module 07: Five models of communication
Module 08: Perspectives of communication
Module 09: Barriers to Communication
Module 10: Message ambiguity
Module 11: Language
Module 12: Distortion
Module 13: Physical noise and distance
Module 14: Emotions – fear, anxiety, mistrust, anger
Module 15: Perceptions
Module 16: First impressions and frozen evaluations
Module 17: Stereotyping
Module 18: Polarization
Module 19: Evaluate too early and not listen
Module 20: Formal and Informal Communication
Module 21: Vertical communication
Module 22: Network patterns
Module 23: Horizontal (lateral) communication
Module 24: The grapevine