Counseling Children and Adolescents

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Counseling Children and Adolescents

Syllabus overview

Counseling for children and adolescents is a little different process. As young people develop, their minds constantly change, and this presents challenges to the usual counseling process. The techniques that would be suitable for an adult mind aren’t the right fit for a young person, which means that a different approach is required to suit their needs and to offer the best level of support which is why this course exists in order to help aspiring child counseling professionals to develop the right skills for a rewarding career in youth counseling.

This course will help in exploring everything from the counseling relationship to behavior therapies and working with children; as well as study child development and the complexities of growth. Learner will also learn how to get started as a counseling professional. By covering the theory and science behind youth counseling, along with the practical skills and methods that are essential to counseling children and adolescents, the course fully prepares for working in the child counseling profession.


Course Duration

35 Days – 220 credit hours


Unit 1: Definition of Counseling
Unit 2: The Counseling Relationship
Unit 3: The Development Cycle
Unit 4: Parent, Child, Teacher Relationships
Unit 5: The Complexities of Growth
Unit 6: Introduction – Psychological Developments
Unit 7: Conflict and Stress
Unit 8: Behavior Therapies
Unit 9: Grief and Bereavement
Unit 10: Exploring Grief and Letting Go
Unit 11: Working With Children
Unit 12: What is Co-dependency?
Unit 13: Transformation
Unit 14: Using Newly-found Skills
Unit 15: Dysfunctional Families Explained
Unit 16: Recovery – The Therapeutic Process
Unit 17: Moving On – Emotional Intimacy
Unit 18: Psychological Study of Education
Unit 19: Memory
Unit 20: The Use of Language
Unit 21: Child Bullying and Child Abuse
Unit 22: Setting Up a Practice