Instructor Skills

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Level-3 Instructor Skills

Syllabus overview

The way you teach a class impacts directly on the students’ ability to learn. This instructor skills course will teach how to explore underlying concepts such as the learning mindset and study skills. A few common strategies for learning are assignments and exercises, brainstorming, case studies, practical workshops and individual projects. The course is designed to ensure a good overview of the learning process that would help anyone dealing with students of all ages and abilities.

This course is appropriate for anyone in a teaching capacity whether teaching young children, or delivering training in the workplace, this course will offer a great understanding of the teaching skills.

Course Duration

108 credit hours – 2 days


1. Introduction to training – communication
2. Understanding learning
3. Determining training requirements in the workplace
4. Commencing training
5. Developing a lesson plan
6. Assessment and evaluation of training programs
7. Training aids
8. One-to-One training
9. Motivation skills and techniques