International Certificate in Digital Skills for Teaching

UK Accredited Courses

NOCN Level 4 International Certificate in Digital Skills for Teaching

Syllabus overview

Each learner has their own individual learning requirements; improved use of learning technology can help teachers make their learning even more accessible as well as more engaging. The transition to digital education is certainly disruptive, educators and educational institutions have a wide range of digital solutions available. Choosing the correct solutions and how to integrate them can be challenging.  The capability of the education workforce should embrace the potential of learning technology; this qualification helps this transition as well as equipping teachers with the skills to continually evolve their delivery.


Course Duration

155 Credit hours-27 days


Unit 1 – Understanding available technology context of teaching and learning
Unit 2 – Developing digital skills and a learning technology toolkit
Unit 3 – Curriculum planning for the use of learning technologies
Unit 4 – Curriculum delivery using learning technology
Unit 5 – Assessing and proctoring using technology