IT basics

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IT Basics

Syllabus overview

This course is ideal for the beginners and professionals who want to learn programming and wanting a thorough introduction to the programming language and to fill the gaps in their programming knowledge. By gaining the basics knowledge of computer, you can access to a lot of information and opportunities you might not have even known are there right now.

What you will learn?

1. Identify the parts of a computer, the basics of what they do, and their role in the system.
2. Understand computer networking basics and explain what happens when a URL is typed into a search bar.
3. Use the terminal (command line) to navigate a file hierarchy and perform basic operations on files.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Minimum 15 years of age
2. No prerequisite knowledge is required. This course starts from the very beginning and will teach you everything you need to know to be an outstanding programmer.


1. Fundamentals of Computer
2. Operating system (Windows)
3. Software Installation
4. Window Installation
5. MS word, Excel, PowerPoint
6. Internet usage


1. Software services consultancies
2. Banks and other financial institutions
3. Retail companies

Course Duration

1 Month
1 Hour dailay