National Diploma in Dental Nursing

UK Accredited Courses

National Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing

Syllabus overview

This course will develop the knowledge and skills that need to be a dental nurse which opens up other exciting opportunities to progress career. This Dental nurse diploma provides essential support to dentists and patients during their appointments and this diploma make sure the dentist has everything they need while keeping the patient calm and comfortable. During studies, learner will learn about oral diseases and their treatments, restorative dentistry, child dental health and pain and anxiety control.

Course Duration


1. Professionalism and the Role of the Dental Nurse
2. Health and Safety and Infection Control
3. Medical Histories and Medical Emergencies
4. Major Systems of the Body and the Saliva Glands
5. Anatomy of the Head and Neck, Dental Anatomy and Nerve Supply
6. Oral Diseases
7. Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease
8. Prevention of Oral Disease
9. Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning
10. Radiography
11. Restorative Dentistry
12. Endodontic
13. Prosthodontics
14. Child Dental Health and Orthodontics
15. Extractions and Minor Oral Surgery
16. Pain and Anxiety Control