Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board

The exam tests your ability to apply your knowledge for the care of patients. It doesn’t test how well you can remember and recite facts. Questions relate to current best practice in the UK, and equipment routinely available in UK hospitals. You’ll need to answer the questions in relation to published evidence and not according to your local arrangements.


Course Details


SIPS helps you to prepare you for PLAB Examinations with the Best Consultants from NHS UK whilst staying in your own country and minimize your costs towards a bright pathway.
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Unique Features

3/6/12 month’s course
Covers entire PLAB Syllabus
Latest PLAB MCQs with Explanation
Comprehensive Video Lectures
PLAB 1 Mock Tests
Notes & Materials
Highly experienced PLAB Tutoring team
It will pave your path to becoming a Doctor in UK


An Intensive preparation course for PLAB 1 exam
Highly Interactive Sessions
Concentration on PLAB Part I Core Topics
Updated Teaching Material with Lectures & MCQs based format for Tests
Foreign PLAB Tutors working with NHS UK
Guidance & Support through your PLAB Journey

Course Includes

PLAB P1 Booklet
Practice Mock Tests


180 Multiple choice questions
Must answer within three hours
Each Question starts with a short scenario followed by a question
Choose the right answer out of the five possible answers given