Practical Entrepreneurship

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Practical Entrepreneurship level-3

Syllabus overview

Being an entrepreneur is hard work where one will face many challenges and risks, but with a clear vision, lots of determination and a great team, successful career can be achieved. Setting up your own business starts with a great idea. Whether it’s a product or service that people need, being passionate is the key to success.

Level 3 Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship offers you a range of knowledge and skills so that you can develop and demonstrate your entrepreneurship expertise. Entrepreneurship is both a career opportunity in its own right and a well-sought career skill by engaging in some exciting activities that’ll provide a person with entrepreneurial training. Entrepreneurial skills are highly valued by many employers. They are becoming more necessary to thrive in more senior job roles. With this entrepreneurship course, you will develop a new skill set and learn new ways of thinking that will enable you to progress in your existing job role.

Course Duration

20 days – 128 credit hours


Unit One: Entrepreneurial Career Development
Unit Two: Designing a Business Model
Unit Three: Testing a Business Idea
Unit Four: Evaluating a Business Idea
Unit Five: Estimating Costs and Revenue for a Business