International Foundation Diploma


International Foundation Diploma

This course is delineated for students from a range of educational backgrounds who need an additional year of study prior to their undergraduate degree and aims to concoct students for transition into degree-level study, by equipping them with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their chosen area of related subjects.

SIPS is offering Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3IFDHES). IFD is designed to create a fast and cost-effective entry route into Universities of UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Canada. This accredited university pathway qualification is awarded by the UK exam body, NCC Education.

IFD is a 6 months fast track pre-university qualification that includes a significant degree of English language teaching and is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to progress onto university degrees of their choice in Business, Finance, Engineering, Health Sciences, Computing, Business IT, and Marketing.

We at SIPS provide our students with the opportunity to prepare from their home country, by giving them great support from academic delivery to University placement in our partner universities.


Entry Requirements

High Level Foundation Diploma (6 Months)

1. IELTS 5 or equivalent
2. Minimum age must be 17 years
3. The completion of GCSE/A levels or 12 years of education

Standard Level Foundation Diploma (12 months)

This includes Pre-Sessional English component that will unlock access to High-Level modules. It is complemented with a basic IELTS preparation package.
1. IELTS 4.0 or equivalent
2. Minimum age must be 17 years
3. The completion of GCSE/A levels or 12 years of education.

Why IFD?


Students can complete their Foundation Diploma in 6 months or less and take direct admission to UK 10 partner universities


Students will be provided individual support, interactive content, videos and games to keep them interested and feedback from our native online tutors along with personalized Support to choose their university in UK.


It is 70% cost effective as compared to traditional education.  Students can save their two years, and can go straight to university degree on a fast track.


After completing International Foundation, students can have direct admission in to undergraduate degree program in 10 partner universities of UK. Students can also apply for year one of the BA/BSc Honor programs (Engineering, Health Science and Management Sciences) of top rank universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Teaching and Learning

We use a blended learning approach.
Teaching method includes:
Websites and online resources
Exercises and worksheets
Pair and group work
One to one sessions with tutors
We aim to engage students as active learners. In addition to learning subject content we provide academic study skills training and learning support, in order to increase personal competencies such as critical thinking and communication skills. It is also necessary for students to carry out self-study through research and completing their assignments. This would help them to be an independent learner. However, time will also be given for individual tutorials.

Assessment and Examination

Students are assessed through written assignments and examinations to ensure that effective learning of the content in each unit has taken place.
Students are required to submit their written assignments which will be provided to them with complete instructions. This would include written reports, power point slides or poster and oral presentations. Students are given the opportunity to receive feedback on their performance in formative tasks before submitting assignments.

Students are given opportunities to take mock exams before the final examinations, which they will need to complete under timed examination conditions. Once an assignment has been submitted, the tutor will provide written feedback and a grade. Students will have a reasonable opportunity to resubmit work if necessary to pass.
All assessments will be based upon the tutor’s academic judgments, but these will be verified by internal assessors. Students are given the opportunity to appeal the decisions.
Note: For 6 Months Fast Track not any resistance or optional IELTS Preparation course will be added which may extend time of study.